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The Bootea Day Time Detox – Why Is It Good For Me?

When used in tandem with exercise and a healthy, balanced diet Bootea is an aid to weight loss but it also gets to work on your insides and we’re going to tell you how and why! Over the next few weeks we’re going to dissect each of our products and tell you a bit of the sciency stuff behind all our ingredients.

People want to look good. It’s human nature. But looking good on the outside doesn’t always mean that everything is fine and dandy on the inside. In fact, being too skinny can be just as bad for you as being overweight; starving your body of vital vitamins and minerals that it needs to function properly and make sure the stuff under the bonnet is ticking over nicely.

Everyones system does things differently; from the way they flush out nasty chemicals and toxins to the stuff they leave lingering behind and just because they’re not the parts of you that make you unhappy when you look in the mirror, it doesn’t mean they’re not having an effect on your wellbeing.

Bootea is a blend of a number of ingredients. Now we know what you’re thinking. A ‘blend’ is just a sneaky way of saying we’ve put things in there that shouldn’t be. Nothing could be further from the truth. Every single piece of the Bootea puzzle is 100% natural and it’s in there because it does an important job.

There are two reasons why Chinese Oolong tea was at the top of our ingredients list. Now we’ve all heard about antioxidants and how chuffing good they are, but what do they actually do? We’re glad we asked. Oxidation can start a reaction that damages cells and can cause problems with a variety of areas from the brain to the immune system. Antioxidants help stop the process and keep oxidation in check!

Oolong tea also has the ability to aid weight loss and help keep your heart healthy. It contains polyphenol, which activates the enzyme that is responsible for dissolving triglyceride, increasing your metabolism, lowering cholesterol and giving fat absorption the finger- is there anything it can’t do? Well it can’t ride a bike. Because it’s a tea leaf.

Now it’s time to welcome ginger root and fennel seeds to the Bootea party. These little troopers are here to make sure your digestive system is running at terminal velocity. Fennel seeds are packed full of vitamins A,E and C and are a great source of dietary fiber, ensuring water is absorbed throughout the digestive system, easing constipation.

If ginger root were on mastermind its specialist subject would be soothing your digestive system. Its anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties help keep the stomachs delicate balance on an even keel. Along with the fennel seed it also helps stop the noises coming out of your lower regions that you might usually blame the dog for making.

Ginseng root and Gotu kola leaves are the fatigue fighting, wonder herbs! They’re the reason the voice in your head saying “give the gym a miss tonight” is a little bit quieter than it was before, boosting your energy levels and making the thought of physical exertion less exerting.

One of the main worries for people is the topic of Bootea’s diaurtetic properties. This is because of the inclusion of lemongrass, but don’t go thinking taking it's like setting a bomb off in your bowels. Lemongrass is believed to gently purify your liver, kidneys, bladder and digestive track, removing excess water and fats that it finds and showing them the downstairs door. The reason we tell you to be careful is because as we said before, everyone can react differently to different ingredients and we don’t want you to be caught short.

The final ingredients to get the golden tickets to the Bootea day time detox party are the dandelion leaf, gingko leaf and the one that terrified most of us when we were younger, the nettle leaf. This power trio work to remove toxins and purify the blood, improving circulation and making sure your system is running like the German autobahn rather than the M25 at rush hour. They’re also packed with vitamins A,C,D and K as well as iron, zinc and calcium.

So there you have it, all the reasons we want to put this stuff in you and get you on the road to looking and feeling great. Keep checking our blog for more roundups of why all our other products will help make you feel Boo-Tea-Ful!

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