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Transformation Tuesday - "Delighted to find a product that actually works"

We just love to see and share the amazing body transformations our Bootea customers send in! This week we are sharing a picture and review sent in from @ciaramoloney97 to our official Instagram page @bootearesults.

Ciara said she was "delighted with my 6lb loss after my 14 day teatox! Soo happy with my results! Delighted to find a product that actually works for me! Can't wait to start my 28 Day Teatox"

Ciara went onto say "still can't believe how effective the tea was! I loved the taste of the tea and it was so easy to do. Already started my 28 Day Teatox last week and I am seeing even more results!"

As you can see Ciara's 6lb loss has shown great results, the weight loss and toning on her abs looks incredible with just a 14 Day Teatox! It shows that if you commit yourself, even for a short time, you can get amazing results. We realise there may be other weight loss products out there but we really believe Bootea can help you reach your goals. Our free eating plan and amazing value fitness plan to purchase to follow during your teatox encourages you to get into the habit of eating clean and exercising to give your body all the necessary nutrition each day plus keeping your heart healthy and toning up your gorgeous body! All of these things combined give you a good chance of achieving your body goals, so what are you waiting for?

Bootea believe in celebrating your achievements and hope we get across to you that we have a supportive team here to help you with anything you need so we can help you along your weight loss journey! So order your teatox here and join the Bootea bandwagon! 

The Bootea Team xx



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