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Monday No Blues

We've all been there. Great weekend, followed by the dreaded Monday morning alarm. As you realise you cannot clutch your pillow forever, you slowly slide out of bed and face the day. Coffee and showers help, but they do not take away the shocking thought of having to go to work for the next five days, when most of us would love to be relaxing at home or doing 101 fun things with friends.

Not to worry - to make your Mondays easier here's one approach to getting you back into the swing of routines using a smoother transition.

1. Plan to have at least some fun over the weekend amid the chores. Combine the many errands you have to do with at least one fun thing, whether it be socialising with friends, playing sport or hosting a dinner party. It's important to do something fun so that you're not sat there on Monday wondering why you didn't really enjoy the weekend whilst you had it in your grasp.

2. Keep yourself organised. Keep the personal items that you'll need during the week by in a designated space, but not in view so that you won't be tempted to think of work. Get your clothes ready on Sunday evening, although doing this may give you a touch of sadness that it is work tomorrow, you will love yourself in the morning when you have one less thing to worry about.

3. Avoid sleeping in or staying up too late during the weekend. There is nothing you may love more on the weekends than sleeping late, but it is important for your healthy sleep routine that you sleep as much as your body needs. Try not to sleep more than two hours past your average wake up time; too much extra sleep on Sunday morning might keep you awake longer Sunday night, leaving you feeling like a zombie on Monday morning.

4. Let there be light. Instead of reaching for your light switch, open the curtains and soak in the natural light. Exposing yourself to natural light shows your body that it's time to wake up and helps your body get going much faster!

5. Adjust to Monday's pace at your own pace. Try to take things slow in the morning so your body has time to adjust. Before walking out the door, take a few minutes to relax in the sunlight, take some deep breaths and meditate. You could try instead of getting off at your usual bus stop/parking spot, get off at a park near work or college and walk the rest of the way through the park, taking time to notice the birds in the trees, the other people around you and the smells from breakfasts being made everywhere. A mindful walk can do wonders for helping you transition from the weekend to the work or study week.

6. Look forward to the next weekend. Start to plan your next weekend to have a blast with friends, family or plan a relaxing weekend to yourself. This way, on Monday (and all week) you have something to look forward to.


The Bootea Team xx


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