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Feta & Jalapeño Sweet Potato & Carrot Fritters with Harissa Dip

Servings: 6 portions

- Grate 1/2 a sweet potato & 2 carrots
- Mix together in a bowl and add 5g of sea salt
- Pour mixture into a tea towel, twist in to a ball and squeeze to remove excess moisture

- Leave for 30 minutes and squeeze again

- Pour dry mixture in to a bowl
- Add 1 egg, 1tbs paprika, 1tsp salt, black pepper, fresh coriander, 10g dried jalapeño pepper, 3tbsp tapioca flour and mix

- If the mixture doesn't bind easily add another egg

- Cut 100g feta cheese in to 6 portions

- Take mixture and bind around each piece of feta cheese creating 6 fritters

- Pour half an inch of oil in to a pan and heat to 160 degrees

- Add fritters and cook for 8 minutes turning every 1-2 minutes

- Remove fritters from oil and drain on paper towel for a couple of minutes

Dipping Sauce

Mix 1tbsp Harissa, 2tbsp mayonnaise and lime juice

- Enjoy! :)