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Bootea Body Bundle Bootea Body Bundle Bootea Body Bundle Bootea Body Bundle Bootea Body Bundle Bootea Body Bundle
Bootea Body Bundle
Bootea Body Bundle
Bootea Body Bundle
Bootea Body Bundle
Bootea Body Bundle
Bootea Body Bundle

Bootea Body Bundle


Get absolutely everything you need to start your fitness journey with both our brand new guides (Bootea Body Plan and Bootea Kitchen Plan), alongside our best-selling products to perfectly compliment your workouts and diet.


Each Sunday night for 6 weeks you will be sent the next 7 days of training to keep you on track. Join this movement, and become part of the Bootea squad.   

  • 6 week PDF workout guides, with a video explanation of each workout
  • 6 workouts per week (1 of which is an active walk / light jog)
  • Weekly emails with next 7 days sent to you each Sunday evening
  • Free 6 week meal plan, with 2 hero recipes emailed to you each week with the weekly workouts for additional inspiration!
  • Receive amazing support and motivation from Olivia Cooney throughout the 6 week plan

We have teamed up with personal trainer, fitness enthusiast and founder of Pop-Up Fitness, Olivia Cooney, to create you an easy to follow workout plan, which promises to get you the results you deserve. Unlike many workout plans out there, the Bootea Body Guide gets progressively harder with each week as Olivia introduces new exercises, less rest time and higher reps. Olivia has also created a 6 week meal plan which we are including with the workout guide, so you can keep your diet on track.  

As well as the Body Plan and the Kitchen Plan, the Bootea Complete Body Bundle also includes essential products recommended by Olivia which will help get you started on your fitness journey:  

28 Day Teatox

Our best-selling product is a must to leave you feeling cleansed and energised to reach your goals this Summer. Simply take one daytime tea every morning, and a bedtime tea every other evening, and reap the benefits.

Bootea Shake

Our protein shake is only 115 calories and with no sugar and low in carbs, it’s the ideal compliment to your workout. For best results take straight after your workout.

Bootea Workout

Sometimes you might feel like you don’t have the energy for one of Olivia’s workouts. Well, simply drink our natural pre-workout 30 minutes before you exercise to increase your physical performance, reduce fatigue and help to achieve the results you want.


Not sure what CLA is? Well, CLA is a naturally occurring fatty acid that is normally found in dairy products and studies have show that CLA can actually switch the body into a fat burning state. The trouble is that the levels of CLA required to promote fat burning far exceed what can be consumed in dairy produce without racking up the calories and cancelling out all the benefits. Bootea CLA is a concentrated form of this special omega 6 fatty acid, giving you all the benefits in an easy to swallow capsule. Take 2 capsules 1-3 times per day. 


These little capsules really are everything you need to ensure you get the recommended daily allowance of essential vitamins and nutrients required for immunity and vitality. Bootea Multivits will help support skin health, sleep quality, exercise recovery, and maintain healthy metabolic and biological functions. 60 capsules of goodness to be taken twice daily.


We are not expecting anyone to give up chocolate for the next 6 weeks! However, supermarket bought chocolate is often packed with sugar and nasties, offering you nothing nutritious. Our Brownie has added milk and pea protein, along with green tea extract and is made from the highest grade cocoa powder to provide you with a high protein and low sugar snack.

Little Oats

We have taken the finest oats and added all the good stuff - protein, chia seeds, goji berries, linseeds, yerba mate matcha and acai powder to bring you the Little Oats that will make a big difference. Simply add water and pop in the microwave for 30 seconds for thick and creamy porridge, or soak in almond / coconut / normal milk overnight, and top with some fruit of your choice for delicious overnight oats.  One 40g serving of Little Oats will give you a protein fuelled and fibre rich breakfast option, and we promise you will never want normal oats again!

If you run out of any of the above during the 6 weeks then do not panic! We will be sending you discount codes so you can replenish if you need to …. 


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