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Changing the snacking game

We all love a good snack to keep hunger at bay but all too often we end up unsatisfied with a rice cracker or going full scale and demolishing a full bag of Harbio before suffering a lifetime's worth of guilt in half an hour.

So here at Bootea we set out to solve this problem and change the snacking game with something that tastes great, delivers what we really want from a snack (Errrm, Chocolate) and doesn’t destroy all the discipline and hard work that’s gone into your diet.

Introducing the Bootea Brownie - putting chocolate back on the menu!


High in protein and low in sugar the Bootea Brownie is perfect between meals and on-the-go, and will stop you reaching for unhealthy alternatives. 

Packed with protein from milk and oat flour for sustained energy, the Bootea Brownie contains real chocolate chips and cocoa nibs for an indulgent taste without the guilt.

The Bootea Brownie comes in an individually wrapped 60g serving providing 18g of protein and only 2.4g of naturally occurring sugars.

You can enjoy straight from the wrapper but we think it’s best if you give your Brownie a 20 second blast in the microwave for that fresh baked gooey brownie taste. Best off all The Bootea Brownie tastes amazing. But don’t just take our word for it, go grab yourself a box now!

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